CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive

CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive is made from palm oil which contains a higher percentage of fatty acid. This fatty acid, being a natural mineral for lubrication is now being used as a replacement for lead. Upon mixing with the fuel, this will lubricate the upper cylinder of the engine with the reduction in the wear out and resistance of the piston. With the use of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive mixing in the fuel, our fuel will be fully burnt up. Thus reducing the emission of the excessive harmful smoke leading to a less polluted environment. It is suitable for all type of engine. It helps to save operational and maintenance cost of your car if used on long term basis.

Before Adding Fuel Additive In one drop of fuel consists a lot of “big” molecules. Generally these big molecules are neither being fully burnt up in the engine’s combustion chamber and are normally emitted as smoke wastage through the exhaust. This will affect the engine performance as well as fuel consumption. After Adding Fuel Additive  After ionizing and dispersing of “big” molecules into smaller molecules. The fuel becomes easier to burn up, leading to the enhancement of the engine performance and fuel consumption.

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