CF1 R134 Air Conditioner Additive

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Today‚Äôs automotive air-cond systems are critically balanced and highly integrated into the vehicle. The air-cond system must be diagnosed and repaired as a complete system, not as an individual components. Most repairs include a compressor, but AC failure is often due to leaks, contaminations, or improper types and amounts of refrigerants and oils. The compressor, a nely machined component with many moving parts, can be quickly be destroyed by an internal restriction, or any loss of refrigerant or compressor oils.


CF1 Air Conditioner Additive R-134a, a concentrated lubricant that is being processed with high technology especially design to meet the wide range of car compressor, and to prosthesis the defect of inadequate lubricant.

After infused with CF1 Air Conditioner Additive R-134a, it is able to reduce the spinning obstruction of the cars air-condition  compressor, and lower the engine burden tremendously. The engine speed is unexpectedly stable after turning on the air-condition. The acceleration power is equal to the car without turning on the air-condition. Besides that, unhindered circulation of the compressor is able to lower the compressor noise level and reduce the engine oil usage. It is necessary revolution product for the wide range of any cars.

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Suitable for all kind of automobile compressor, as an additive and protector oil, including Rootary Compressors, Screw (helical lobe) Compressors, Sliding Vane Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors and other types of automobile compressors.