CF1-5000 Engine Protector Additive

CF1-5000 Engine Protector AdditiveAs a rapid change in advanced technology in the world today, motor vehicles transportation has become a MUST in our lives. Massive traffic and heavy loads cause engine wear and tear problems resulting in piston friction. Thereby, shortening the life of the engines and increasing the cost of repairs. CF1 5000 Engine Protector Additive is specially formulated with high quality additive to protect your vehicle and save your money.

CF1 5000 Engine Protector Additive is formulated using USA latest technology with the ultimate objective to reduce friction between metal to metal and increase engine horsepower. CF1 5000 Engine Protector Additive provides boundary protective coating on metal surfaces to reduce friction on metal to metal contact and therefore reduce wear and tear, especially during “Dry Cold Starts”. For example, during engine stop operation, the oil will flow back to the oil pan, leaving the metal parts dry. When the engine start operation again, the initial oil has not enough time to circulate, the pressure occurs between metal to metal contact and friction is created, the repeated “Stop & Go” will seriously affect the engine moving parts and gradually shorten the engine life span. CF1 5000 Engine Protector Additive has been tested and certified by the engineers and chemists as “magic formula”. It is the best-selling products in United States and Europe. It has advanced lubricating formula to iron out the peaks and valleys of surfaces to reduce friction between metal to metal contacts and reduces heat from friction at the same time.

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